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La Zerena Beach Resort

Air-Conditioned Rooms, Beach Access, Restaurant, Water Sports, Private Parking Area

Searching for a place for relaxation is never that easy. You might find a paradise but too fancy. You may find an affordable beach resort but insufficient in needs and resources. In the land of not too far away, Liw-liwa is one of the most prominent tourist and surfing spot in Zambales.

"Soothing Ambiance"
The magical atmosphere of the shore suits perfectly for those who seek a harmonious weekend vacation getaway. Tickle your feet with white sands under the sun or stroll ashore while watching the sunset.

"Thunderous Roar from Afar"
For surfers, they'll surely love the ride from the lion's roaring surge of waves! The rushing stream of tide will awaken your inner extremity. Defy gravity, break the limit and be the king of your own boundaries.

Seafood, meat, fruits, veggies, name it all. We serve mouth-watering cuisines that will fulfill your cravings.

"Capture Mem'ries"
Create memories together with your family or with your special someone. Take a selfie alongside the beachfront, laugh together with friends, share the fun!

In La Zerena Beach Resort we make it all happen.